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Queering Law and Order: LGBTQ Communities and the Criminal Justice System

Queering Law and Order is the most comprehensive review of the justice system and its effects on LGBTQ communities to date. It is informative, insightful, and thought-provoking, mixing stories and data to help bring to life the many instances that the criminal justice system has failed sexual minorities. Kevin Leo Yabut Nadal is able to show again and again how sexual minorities have suffered at the hands of an unjust criminal justice system. He does an outstanding job of weaving together a cohesive narrative that articulates what many of us suspected—we need to be more skeptical and critical of our justice system.
— Roddrick Colvin, San Diego State University

Microaggressions and Traumatic Stress

The book is grounded in sound intersecting theories (i.e., microaggression theory, critical race theory, feminist theory, and queer theory) and illustrates how systematic discrimination and violence continue to exist among people of color, women, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer populations in the United States... The main strength of this book is the detailed case studies to illustrate and apply theory with thoughtful practical guidance on how to treat clients dealing with microaggressive trauma. This book is a must read for clinicians, supervisors, educators, and any professional working with marginalized groups. Indeed, this writer is using material from the book in several of her undergraduate courses, including abnormal psychology.

- Shilpa M. Pai Regan

Asian American Journal of Psychology

Filipinos in New York City
Indeed, I believe the book is the first to zero in exclusively on Filipino lives in the city that never sleeps. There have been stand-alone essays and sections in various books, but never one such as this… Free of mind-numbing jargon—Nadal thankfully doesn’t feel the need to parade his academic credentials—the book more significantly is at heart a family album, albeit a comprehensive one that invites you to thumb through its pages leisurely and get an intimate look at Filipinos who play an essential part in the mosaic and theater that is New York City."

- Professor Luis H. Francia

New York University

“'Filipinos in New York City' chronicles the experiences of Filipino Americans from as far back as the early 1900s. With photos of early immigrants settling in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to those depicted as savages by a Coney Island amusement park, it offers glimpses of how Filipinos have been part of the city’s history for over a century and how large and diverse the group is today."

- Cesar R. Bustamante

NY Daily News

That's So Gay! Microaggressions and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community
"Nadal has illuminated a key source of stress for LGBT people by conceptualizing and illustrating homonegative and transnegative microaggressions. LGBT people will find their experiences validated, educators and helping professionals will gain insight into the experiences of their students and clients, and allies will expand their understanding of and tools for combatting microaggressions."

- Tania Israel, Ph.D.,

Professor of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology,

University of California at Santa Barbara

"This groundbreaking scholarly book on microaggressions experienced by LGBT individuals based on their multiple intersecting cultural identities represents a landmark contribution and helps us understand oppressive acts that adversely impact the psychological well-being and mental health of LGBT individuals and heterosexuals in American society. Nadal presents case vignettes based on empirical and qualitative research to enrich our understanding and offers a model for examining and changing our behavioral responses to avoid microaggressions toward LGBT individuals."

- Michael Mobley, PhD,

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, 

Salem State University, Salem, MA

"Nadal is to be applauded for writing a book about the queer and trans community that is not only accessible but also provides specific guidelines on how to make the world a safer place. Researchers, practitioners, and advocates alike will find this book invaluable to their work."

- Anneliese A. Singh, Ph.D., LPC,

Professor, Department of Counseling & Human Development Services, 

The University of Georgia, Athens

Filipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice
At sa wakas! (Finally!) A handbook about, and for, Kababayans (fellow Filipino Americans)! Filipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice is a comprehensive handbook that adeptly covers the history, cultural values, racial and ethnic experiences, and mental health needs of Filipino Americans, but more important, provides this information in a thoroughly detailed, yet understandable manner. The handbook is well organized in nine chapters, starting with historical perspectives and introductions to Filipino cultural values and identity development. Filipino American Psychology is particularly helpful in offering specific suggestions, with examples, on techniques for those working with this population. Nadal’s style is accessible to a variety of readers, including those Filipino Americans who would like a comprehensive text about their history, culture, and values. He is skilled at providing historical, cultural, and sociopolitical contexts in his discussion of Filipino American psychology.

- Asuncion M. Austria, Ph.D. & A. Marie Austria


This astonishing and comprehensive book articulately expresses the complexities of our history and relating that knowledge to discover and apply it to forming our true identity. Are we Asian American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic? Why are we referred to as the "forgotten Asian Americans" and our profound influence on society both culturally and economically remain invisible? With this book, 2.4 million Filipinos’ voices will finally be heard.

From 1897-1898, one of the greatest painters of all time, Paul Gauguin created his masterpiece (currently at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston), Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? It is the work of art used in classrooms across the world to illustrate the philosophical intrigue of human beings about human beings.

Kevin Nadal’s book, for Filipinos and the like, is the modern day literary equivalent of Gauguin’s painting, the true grand culmination of all the thoughts and answers of the Filipino Identity. Nadal’s book may not be in a museum one day, but it will be the resource, reference, and learning tool in classrooms and libraries across the world for which we must applaud and appreciate."

- Raphael John Oriel

Asian Journal/ Life EASTyle

“Kevin Nadal’s first book is an impressive and much appreciated contribution to the field.  And, while this will certainly serve as a useful tool for clinicians working with Filipino American clients, his book also serves to enrich a non-clinical discussion on the Filipino American experience that too often, goes unheard. I am particularly grateful for his efforts to illustrate the diversity housed within the AA/PI community, as well as his dedication to both academic and non-academic audiences.”

- Marcia Liu, Ph.D.

Hunter College - City University of New York

"It is an honor for PNOY Apparel to be the official clothing sponsor for Kevin Nadal's Filipino American Psychology Book Tour.  Kevin's book came at the most perfect time.  With more and more Filipinos in mainstream, young Filipino Americans are becoming more nationalistic and his book is the perfect resource for "Know History."

- Ellezar "Zar" Javier
The PNOY Apparel Company Inc., San Diego

Women and Mental Disorders

The editors have threaded a feminist and multicultural perspective through a 41 chapter analysis of women’s mental health and mental disorders. Substantial emphasis is placed on issues of gendered socialization, intersecting identities, and intersecting forms of oppression, including hate crimes, microaggressions, microindignities, privilege, and power. Culturally competent methods for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological and emotional struggles are woven throughout the books, with one entire volume devoted to treatment issues. Overall, the high quality of content throughout the book set is tied to strong, well articulated theoretical underpinnings. These books draw together the current state of the critical, psychological thought, and scholarship on the perennial complexities and social intricacies in women’s gendered, multicultural lives.

- Linda Rubin, Ph.D.

Texas Women's University

Psychology of Women Quarterly

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