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Dr. Kevin Nadal is a counseling psychologist who received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. Since working professionally in higher education since 1998, he started facilitating multicultural awareness training because there were limited trainers in existence. With his education in counseling psychology, he had been extensively trained in individual and group therapy and multicultural competence, which has enabled him to effectively lead groups and communicate with individuals. Through the years, Dr. Nadal has developed a model of his multicultural training, which has gained popularity among many companies, groups, individuals, and organizations. In 2008, he launched Kevin Nadal Consulting. In 2014, he and his husband formed Nadal & Associates, Inc.


Nadal & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of multicultural issues in psychology, education, social sciences, health, and business, through the promoting of multicultural awareness, communication, and competence.

Kevin Nadal Consulting provides multicultural training, education, and consulting for numerous companies. Companies have included: non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and corporations. He is also a scholar who has served as an expert witness in a variety of legal cases.

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