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Photo by UCI Counseling Center

Photo by Ernie Pena, circa 2010

Reviews of Speaking Engagements and Lectures

"Dr. Kevin Nadal recently presented for UCSF Child and Adolescent Service located at San Francisco General Hospital. He spoke to an audience of multicultural pre-doctoral clinical psychology trainees, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff.  From the moment he began to speak on his new book, Filipino American Psychology,  his dynamic presence and passion for his work was clear. He provided historical knowledge, demographic information, and research findings that proved very informative for a group of clinicians who are invested in continuing to develop cultural awareness in their service-delivery. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and would have him back in a heartbeat."
- Miriam Martinez, Ph.D.
UCSF Clinical Professor, Psychiatry & Pediatrics

"It was wonderful to have Kevin read in our space. Twice! Though the two events were very different, an Asian American comedy night and a reading in support of his new book, both were equally memorable. He's an incredible spirit to behold, empowering, empathic, slipping hard truths in between laughs.  We're very proud to have been able to support this very important, groundbreaking work."

- Nina Sharma

Public Programs Director at The Asian American Writers' Workshop, New York

"As a first generation Filipina American, I am both proud of and inspired by Kevin Nadal. His talks are relatable, insightful and humorous and his book is the first great resource about the Filipino psyche. I highly recommend it!"

- Kristine Magat, LCSW, Los Angeles

"It was an inspirational opportunity to meet Dr. Kevin Nadal and hear his stories.  I sat there in the audience in absolute awe of the words this man spoke.  Finally, someone who spoke my language!  As a young filipino male growing up in north america, these are the kind of role models we never saw on tv.  Our story is one that needs to be told more often.  It's empowering to know people like Dr. Kevin Nadal are already doing so."

- Jodinand AguillonToronto Kapisanan Centre

Reviews of Organizational Consultation & Trainings

"Dr. Nadal has done great consultation and facilitation work at our institution. He is engaging, well-published, and an overall wonderful person, advocate, and psychologist. Kevin is able to speak about microaggressions in a powerful way that is both approachable to the audience while still challenging the audience to think introspectively and to take risks for dismantling our own biases."

- Alicia del Prado, Ph.D.

Wright Institute

“Dr. Nadal is one of the best trainers and facilitators that I have encountered, especially around issues of diversity, power, and privilege. He has a mastery of the issues that is unparalleled and a training demeanor that is engaging and professional. I highly recommend him for organizations looking to engage in staff development around cultural competency.”
- Kate Krontiris,

“I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin on various projects and in various roles. Having collaborated with Kevin on research, as well as multicultural-oriented workshops/presentations, I have witnessed his ability to ground his work in research and theory. Not only is he motivational and detail-oriented, he can also think quickly on his feet and produces high quality work. He is a joy to work with and knowing him has enriched my experience.”
- David Rivera, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor
Queens College - City University of New York


Photo by Leona Louise, circa 2009

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