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Media Presence

Television and Web Appearances

  1. Guest Appearance on Newsy (2021, May)

  2. Guest Appearance on Asian American Life (CUNY TV) (2021, March)

  3. Guest Appearance on Bloomberg TV (2021, March)

  4. Guest Appearances on Newsy (2021, March)

    1. ​Study Finds Community More Likely Than Workplace For COVID Spread

    2. Advocates Discourage Anti-Black Sentiment Amid Violence Against Asians

  5. Feature on Balitang America (ABS-CBN) (2021, January)

  6. Guest Appearance on Good Morning America (ABC) (2020, July).

  7. Feature with BrutTV: How to Deal with Microaggressions  (2020, July)

  8. Guest Appearance on Fox-5 News (2020, May)

  9. Guest Appearance on AOL's In The Know (2020, May)

  10. Guest Appearance on Asian American Life (CUNY-TV) (2019, June)

  11. Guest Appearance on Inside Edition. (CBS) (2019, February). 

  12. Guest Appearance on Black America (CUNY-TV) (2018, December)

  13. Guest Appearance on Early Edition, ANC News - Philippines (2017, July).

  14. Guest Appearance on CBS-News Uncharted State of Mind (2017, May). Episode 3: To Suffer in Silence

  15. Guest Appearance on NBC News. Take Back. (2016, September)

    1. Episode 2: Young Adults Speak Out About Encountering Islamophobia

    2. Episode 3: Where Do Stereotypes About Asian-American Men Come From?

  16. Guest Appearance on Fox-5 News (2015, January 29)

  17. Guest Appearance on Asian American Life (CUNY-TV) (2015, October)

  18. Feature on The Filipino Channel and Adobo Nation (2014, July)

  19. Guest Appearance on Criminal Justice  Matters (CUNY-TV) (2014, April)

  20. Guest Appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show (CUNY-TV) (2013, October)

  21. Appearance on Burned Out (The Weather Channel) (2012, August)

  22. Appearance on The Hidden Dream (Documentary) (PBS) (2010, May)

  23. Guest Appearance on Front Door (HGTV) (2010, May)

  24. Guest Appearance on TV Patrol (TFC) (2009, October)

  25. Guest Appearance on Kababayan LA (LA-18TV) (2009, July)

  26. Guest Appearance on TV Patrol (TFC) (2007, October)

  27. Guest Appearance on The O'Reilly Factor (FoxNews) (2007, October)

  28. Appearance on Last Days on Earth (ABC 20/20) (2006, August)

News Articles and Op-Eds

  1. June is Pride Month: The Oppressive History of LGBTQ+ Communities Worldwide. Psychology Today.

  2. The Mental State of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Psychology Today. Psychology Today.

  3. On police violence, race-based trauma, mental health among Fil-Ams.

  4. Celebrating Pride while Still Advocating for Justice. SAMHSA.

  5. Dear Filipino Americans, Let’s Talk About Charlottesville. The Huffington Post.

  6. My Trip To The Philippines, Part 3:  Reclaiming Our Indigenous Roots. The Huffington Post.

  7. My Trip to the Philippines, Part 2: The Power of Colorism and Colonial Mentality. The Huffington Post.

  8. My Trip to the Philippines, Part 1: The Power of Queer-Affirming Theater. The Huffington Post.

  9.  20 LGBTQ Filipino Americans To Celebrate During Pride Month. The Huffington Post.

  10. Race Is Always A Factor: Why The La Jolla Shootings Should Be Labeled As A Hate Crime. The Huffington Post.

  11. LGBTQ Decision 2016: Should I Go Home for the Holidays? The Huffington Post.

  12. America Just Broke Up With Me. The Huffington Post.

  13. A Big Win for LGBTQ People and Communities of Color in New York City. The Huffington Post.  

  14. Why We Celebrate Filipino American History Month. The Huffington Post.

  15. The Honeymoon is Over: What’s Next for LGBTQ People After Marriage. The Huffington Post.

  16. Rainbow Profile Pictures Didn’t End Homophobia: So Now What Will You Do? The Huffington Post.

  17. Meet Anthony Ocampo: The Professor who wrote a book about why Filipinos and Latinos are Primos. Remezcla.

  18. 15 Memorable Facts About Filipino-American History You Should Know. Buzzfeed.

  19. Why Queer and Trans Studies Are Important. The Huffington Post.

  20. How I Learned To Become a Filipino American. Buzzfeed.

  21. Do I Sound Gay? Psychology Today

  22. Train Officers to Deal With Mentally Ill. New York Times.

  23. Stop Saying "That's So Gay!": 6 Types of Microaggressions that Harm LGBTQ People. APA Blog.

  24. Anti-gay hate crimes on the rise: a call to the community. The Fil-Am.

  25. How I respond to the people who are making Gay New Yorkers fear for our lives. Mic.

  26. How Glee and Modern Family are Making Us Less Afraid of LGBT People. Mic.

  27. Why Jessica Sanchez Should Have Won American Idol. Mic.

  28. Obama Takes a Stand for Gay Rights, Now It’s Your Turn. Mic.

  29. Does it Get Better? Bakit Why


Features, Profiles, and Interviews

  1. Featured on We Need to Talk about Whiteness Podcast (2021, April)

  2. Featured on New York Times' The Argument Podcast (2021, March)

  3. Featured on NPR's Science Friday Podcast (2021, March)

  4. Featured on The Joy Revolution/ Golden Mic Podcast (2020, November) 

  5. Featured on New Books in Law Podcast (2020, November)

  6. Featured on NPR's Life Kit: Microaggressions Are A Big Deal: How To Talk Them Out And When To Walk Away (2020, June)

  7. Featured in New York Times: A Conversation on Race (2016, April)

  8. Featured as a “Filipino American Trailblazer” on Buzzfeed (2015, October)

  9. Featured in The Asian Journal (2015, July)

  10. Featured by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2015, July)

  11. Featured in the New York Daily News (2015, April)

  12. Profile in Gay Socialites (2015, March)

  13. Featured as one of “27 Filipinos Who Make You Proud To Be Pinoy” on Buzzfeed (2013, June)

  14. Featured on The Advocate (2013, November)

  15. Featured in the New York Times (2012, February)

  16. Profile  in ABS-CBN News (2010, August)

  17. Profile in Life EASTyle Magazine (2010, August)

  18. Profile in East Bay Express (2009, July)

  19. Featured as one of People Magazine's Hottest Bachelors (2006, June)

  20. Profile in Filipinas Magazine (2006, June)

Research Citations and Expert Quotes

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  3. Research cited in Culture Amp: Microaggressions at work: Recognizing & overcoming our biases (2021, July).

  4. Quoted in HuffPo: How to deal with racial microaggressions from your partner's family (2021, July).

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  6. Quoted in New York Times: The Cost of Being an Interchangeable Asian. (2021, June)

  7. Quoted in HuffPo: 14 Microaggressions LGBTQ People Deal With All The Time. (2021, June)

  8. Quoted in Vogue Japan: Words Matter (2021, June).

  9. Quoted in The Verge: An Online Community's Shared Stories against Anti-Asian Hate (2021, May).

  10. Quoted in Hella Pinay: Brown Asians are Asians, too. (2021, May)

  11. Quoted in New York Times: He Was Charged in an Anti-Asian Attack. It Was His 33rd Arrest. (2021, April)

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  13. Quoted in HuffPo: What To Do If Kids Say They Don’t Want To Be Their Race Anymore (2021, February)

  14. Quoted in National Geographic. ‘Why do you have an accent?’  (2021, January)

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  20. Quoted  in Philadelphia Inquirer: Asian Americans already face a mental health crisis. Coronavirus racism could make it worse (2020, April)

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  23. Quoted in Mashable: 7 microaggressions to avoid during Pride and beyond (2019, June)

  24. Quoted in on Filipino American History Conference (2016, June)

  25. Quoted in New York Times on Pride Parade following Pulse Massacre (2016, June)

  26. Quoted in The Guardian on Transgender Murders (2015, November)

  27. Quoted in The Asian Journal on Filipino American History Month (2015, October)

  28. Quoted in Metro US on Stonewall Inn as Historic Landmark (2015, June)

  29. Quoted on Reuters/ Raw Story on Stonewall Inn at Historic Landmark (2015, June)

  30. Research on Microaggressions cited in The Huffington Post (2015, March)

  31. Quoted on (2015, November)

  32. Quoted on (2015, November)

  33. Research on LGBTQ Microaggressions cited on Daily Mail (2014, February)

  34. Research on LGBTQ Microaggressions on Buzzfeed (2014, February)

  35. Quoted in Al-Jazeera America on Filipino American farmworkers (2014, April)

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